Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Terraforming Is Magic!

So I've been working on terraforming the land a little bit more, but I ran into a small (easily fixable) problem; I forgot that hills aren't made completely of dirt. It's actually useful since it lets me get rid of some of the dirt, but now instead of just flattening stuff out, I'm quite litterally terraforming this small patch of 200 by 200 or so blocks.

I'm not sure how my buildings got grass on them... But I like it, so I won't get rid of the grass.

Today I worked mostly on a few important things, cleaning up, and moving.

I removed the trees from the surrounding area (woodcutting pine takes forever when you collect saplings) and filled in a lot of gaps I found in the wall. I also traded out stone portions of the wall with dirt so it doesn't look sunken into the ground (even though it kinda is.)

The other thing I worked on was moving. Needless to say, even though I didn't take a screenshot, that old mining house I had originally-made of wood, is completely empty now. I'm leaving it up as an emergency shelter, but I'm hoping not to use it other than as a waypoint between the mineshaft and the castle. Before I emptied it out, it was quite litterally filled to the brim with chests- a labrynth of sorts if I do say so myself.

Anyways I spent a good portion of time moving stuff into that new smaller building. It doesn't look like much because it isn't much. It's my temporary shelter, but really its a storage room for me. What that house encompases is the stairwell down to the real room. An underground storage space I made, 15x15x4 blocks. It's completely filled with chests, but I'm only currently using about 1/3 of them for storage. (mostly cause I'm keeping everything organized by what it is for ease of access.) EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention, the storage room is currently my bedroom!

Well, have a happy turkey day tommorrow, I'm probably not going to work on it too much tommorrow, but if I do, the focus is going to be on terraforming and blueprinting important structures in case I ever send it online. (Such as a barracks full of beds)

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