Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stop Right There! Criminal... Scum?

Note: I won't spoil Skyrim in this, but I will talk about skillsets.

So I've been playing Skyrim a lot since I first got it.

On my first run-through I was a classic fighter, you know, sword and shield, heavy-ass army charging in and getting shit done. I found the game almost too easy as I ripped through over two dozen dragons.

I've always loved the shadowy rogue skillsets, and figured why not give Skyrim a try? So after completing the faction quest-set I was working on, I made a new file. I figured I'd be an archer in light armor who has a dagger or two on the side for ease of use. More or less I picture myself kind like this:

I was wrong. Skyrim handles the rogue system pretty well, except one minor flaw... If you want to ever beat those dragons, or maybe the main quest...? Well frankly you're screwed.

As a stealth-based character, you can't focus in archery, and you can't focus in stealth if you want to be able to kill anything. More or less if you want to be a theif, the game will -force- you to be a fighter with thief-like tendencies if you don't want to die in every battle.

Every battle.

No that's no joke. I was killed by a spider, wolf, bandit, troll, bear, dragon, peasant, and god knows what else because I was using a bow and wasn't using fighter-based skills. I tried turning down the difficulty to its lowest level and still was killed by each of them. When I managed to sneak-attack them first, well I was usually able to take them out with their half or quarter health left, but not without nearly dieing in the process.

Along the lines of the factions for sneaky-looking-sorts, well I had a bit better luck, but that doesn't excuse having to fast-travel in fear of dieing.

I would just blame it on my failings, but when I can kill everything in a mile radius single-handedly as a fighter, and die at the hands of a random wolf as a rogue... Somethings wrong with the system.

Thus, if you plan to play Skyrim as a sneaky-sort, you're better off just being a fighter with a knack for sneaking.

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