Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Update

Squidward Villager says this is going to be a long post!

so I took a break from minecraft for a while with the whole server issues and all...

Then I came back and did a whole ton of stuff:

First and formost, I decided to put in a portal... Being scared that a ghast or zombie pigman might come out, I decided to place it at the top of the observatory... And about 10 glass blocks away from the top of the observatory facing away from the castle... (just to be safe!) Frankly the lightning nearly striking me right after I took this screenshot scared me more.

EDIT: Ohh yeah, it turns out that if you put a portal really high in the sky, minecraft decides to update it with a new instance based on wherever it puts you in the nether creating a second portal at a random location in the real world...

So this is the castle up-to-date! That giant building there is going to be a mansion of sorts, and I managed to use wheat to coerce a group of pigs, sheep, and cows to follow me into the castle! (Then I trapped them into a pen and forced them to BREED.)

I also put in a pumpkin farm next to my mines, and an igloo over to the north-east. I didn't feel like taking a picture, but I updated my chicken tube to be a fence tube leading straight down instead of that underground area... Now I just swim under and am greeted with about 50 eggs.

I also put in a destructo-room in the storage area lest I ever get the need to burn something... It's made of netherrack! (ohh and I found a lava-tunnel so my diamond levels have increased significantly)

This is the ground floor for my mansion... If you've played Skyrim you'll likely see how my inspiration for the firepit came from Jorvasker.

I've also decided that I'm a very crappy gardener in minecraft... No this really was a serious attempt at gardening that ended up being a pond with some flowers.

Some of you may have noticed a bunch of lights beyond the walls in that progress picture, they're coming from this!

It's my "countryside" I'm working on. It's going to eventually turn into a pilgrim road leading to the village I found to the north of my castle.

Speaking of which:

It was pretty fricking awesome to find this. It's technically in the North-east corner of my map, so a bit north of my castle. I mean, it had villagers, farming, AND a well that went down like... 20 blocks. I was surprised to say the least.

As can be seen, this is the map. That black blob is a "circle" around my 200x200x20 castle. It's surounded by really sheer cliffs, and that icy spot to the south originally took up the majority of the map before it all melted away somehow.

I would like to point out that about 80% of this was explored via boat so as to avoid being chased by creepers at night, and that yes, I really did navigate that river in the south-east corner... It was a pain in the ass and I had to pull out my trusty shovel on a few occasions to clear up some sand to get through.

directly west of the desert is a very large pine forest, that may or may not contain wolves.North past the mountains of my castle is mostly open plains with huge ravines dotting it and animal herds that (before I got my hands on them) ranged in the hundreds. (and further north is a bunch of swamps and marshlands.)

That huge line of ocean that seems to cut through the land to the west of my castle? Yeah, I'm saying the great and powerful Notch took a giant pickaxe to my map because I kid you not, there are cliffs all along that little line of water that break off at a sheer ninety degree angle directly into 30-block-deep waters. It's scary as heck and makes me hope that water-based enemies never make it to vanilla minecraft...  O.O

So yeah, that's the big holiday update! I'm planning on creating that pilgrim road and finishing the giant house next. (maybe expand the countryside.)

Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm crying manly tears right now. After the many days and nights of searching, I've finally uncovered the prize. I thought it was a single piece and began to have tears of joy, but when I mined around it to ensure there wasn't any lava, I went from slight tears of joy to flat-out crying manly tears.

Now I'm off to make a pick, shovel, and sword out of diamond.

It's ALIVE!!!!

So I realized I never port forwarded the server. It is now, and I've stolen the main PC tower at the house to act as the server.

Ze server is up with a new IP address:

So come hop on!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just a Bit of a Chicken Obsession...

So I used the new breeding technique and fed a bunch of chickens wheat... As can be seen by the above... breeding... O.o

Then I decided if I was going to be like KFC, why not go all out?

So I did. I poked a hole in the above-ground spot and flooded the chickens into an underground tunnel surrounded by fences (to prevent them from pushing each other into walls and suffocating) so in a sense its my take on a chicken tube for collecting eggs and such (I just flush out the hole and swim upwards to get out once I've collected all the eggs)

I'm like KFC! Animal abuse or some crap like that!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Feel Like KFC

Whoever came up with the statement "breeding like rabbits" didn't take into account minecraft and chickens... By the end of this farm I'll have hundreds of virtual chickens stored away in this small fenced in area!!!

So Far

Well, not much ahs changed since my last report. I added in two more towers and finally got the guts to kill some spiders and make a bow! The first tower in the center there is just another guard tower complete with windows and such. The other one though is going to be an observatory that extends outwards in a glass walkway once I decide to go shovel up a ton of sand from the desert island to the north of the fortress. Thinking of building a couple small houses, or spending a portion of today mining in that lava cave connected to my old house. I definetly need to finish up the last three towers though, so I can go and connect them together via the outer-side of the wall to create a platform for shooting enemies.

Server is up again, I also added a new gadget to the right side of the screen that I update with the server status and IP.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Houston, We Have Liftoff!

Right! I finally got the server to run (though I'm not sure how stable it is at the moment...)

Anyways, it would have been up about an hour ago, but I had some... issues with setting up the server. Also I went on a short hunting trip beforehand and well... I've decided I'll never have an iron shortage and that I should tell myself I can't find something if I want something on minecraft...

I found a giant grazing area filled with deep hidden ravines that I think had mineshafts at the bottom. It also had about 60, 70 cows grazing in it so I went on a rampage. Overkill to say they least!

Anyways the server is up, IP is