Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So Far

Well, not much ahs changed since my last report. I added in two more towers and finally got the guts to kill some spiders and make a bow! The first tower in the center there is just another guard tower complete with windows and such. The other one though is going to be an observatory that extends outwards in a glass walkway once I decide to go shovel up a ton of sand from the desert island to the north of the fortress. Thinking of building a couple small houses, or spending a portion of today mining in that lava cave connected to my old house. I definetly need to finish up the last three towers though, so I can go and connect them together via the outer-side of the wall to create a platform for shooting enemies.

Server is up again, I also added a new gadget to the right side of the screen that I update with the server status and IP.

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