Sunday, November 27, 2011

Houston, we are server ready!

Well, I'm officially ready to set up the server! (though it may not be up till monday night/tuesday) I've been living off the scarce pork in the region (the cows/pigs don't spawn within the castle walls very often so I have to go on hunting trips) so I put in a farm. I managed to shear some sheep to put together some beds, and put them in the barracks (that building in the right corner there).

The farm is big enough that once I get some more seeds from harvesting, it'll be able to host a number of players with bread for their hunger bars. I've also made a pumpkin farm to put together some snow golems. I have two at each entrance and I plan to eventually surround that middle-level dirt patch around the wall with a fence so I can put in some snow golems around it.

This one I named Mr. Wubbable, he's my baby maker... Well, he produces the snow to form his comrades anyways. It's been raining instead of snowing since the update, so this little guy is my emergency snow maker in case too many snow golems get killed/dissapear.

Anyways, with this guy made, I'm heading off to study since I have a crap-ton of tests to do tommorrow since I was sick Friday...

But yeah, server should be ready tommorrow night. Send me your usernames to add to the opperator list and I should make a post and get the IP on the blog. Now I just need to remember how to connect a local world to a server... *heads off to wiki*

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