Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Progress 11/22/11

So I'm calling it a night. I realized the floor tiling was a different item from the pressure plate, so I have half a dozen pressure plates in my workshop right now... I cleared out a considerable chunk of land in about an hour or so. The rest of the time was spent on what you can see before you-aesthetics.

People don't always realize it, but aesthetics can be a rather important part to creativity. If I had worked solely on cleaning up my building space, than the aesthetics might have gotten so dull that I would have given up and gone off to mine minerals or some such.

So after clearing up enough space, I decided to design a bit and experiment. I put in a large chunk of walkways and used at elast 100+ torches in the design, heh. The exit in the right corner of the screenshot would have been utterly useless beforehand as it led to a large carving into the face of a mountain to keep monsters from jumping the wall. Instead now is a little dirt shaft I made that leads to the upper level of the mountain, where a rather beautiful valley can be seen.

In the left corner I have my old mineshaft and house. I'm thinking of using it for storage space for all this dirt (there's a ton of it). There's also signs at all the exits and buildings markign what they are such as "guard's Post 1," and "Workshop."

I built my first building. Looks like a big dirt blob, but the inside is about 3 or 4 blocks below the "floor" level, which makes it really nice when its raining since the "deepness" muffles up the rain, allowing me to work on building and such in peace. I'm thinking of building myself a temporary house inside the castle walls so I don't have to keep running back and fourth every time something is needed/goes wrong.

So I'm debating now... The space furthest "north" is going to be used as my headquarters (where that giant stack of dirt blocks is) I'm unsure if I want to make it a "governmental office" a "mead hall" or a traditional "castle."

Also, feel free to shoot up a comment and I can set up a time to try and send the world into a server state for viewing!

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